Hunter Space Heater - Best 12v Car Heater.


Hunter Space Heater - Best 12v Car Heater.

Hunter Space Heater

hunter space heater

Hunter doesn't play well with axes, or chainsaws, or wedges, or sledge hammers, or...

Hunter doesn't play well with axes, or chainsaws, or wedges, or sledge hammers, or...

The tool shed was also the location where Jeremy did his best to keep the tools in working order when Hunter was using them. Hunter had way more enthusiasm than was healthy. He not only managed to break 2 axe handles, he also got the chainsaw stuck up in a tree. Oh, and did I mention he had a major problem pounding nails? Anyway, on the right of this picture you can see the little cabin that Liliana and I stayed in while we were here. It was quite nice and spacious actually. It had a super heavy-duty space heater the likes of which is not available in the US. It was like a hot water radiator that would normally go on the wall of a house, but it was electric and sat on wheels. It was actually enough to keep the whole place toasty warm even when it was frosty outside. Eventually, however, Jayavati decided that the old hide-a-bed in the tool shed should go in there (hence why we spent the rainy day rearranging the tool shed). It smelled funny. Even after we covered the gross cushions with one of those couch cover things. We didn't like putting our laundry on it to dry. We eventually decided we could place our luggage on it as an impromptu dresser though.

EW 3 NATO-112

EW 3 NATO-112

USGI M1950 5-Man Arctic tent.

These are very popular tents at East Wind. In spite of the "5 man" name, we commonly sleep 6-7 in one of these tents during winter training events. For East Wind, a 5 man Arctic would make a really good tent for 4-5 men with their gear.

Careful shopping can usually find a 5 man Arctic for around $200-$250. What you have to keep an eye out for on these is the stitching. Generally, the Sateen material holds up better than the original stitching. If the thread seems strong enough but is a little dry, just seam seal it with Seam Grip to make sure that the thread holds up over the long term.

These tents are particularly warm in the winter. They pretty much always come with a liner and they are very easily and efficiently heated with a Hunter SHS (Space Heater, Small).

hunter space heater

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